Unusual hotels of the world

In tourism industry there are many interesting and unusual hotels, for a night in which people are ready to pay more.

Let’s start with the Excelsior in Rome, occupying an area of 1100 sq. m. the Cost of one night spent here is 10 thousand dollars, although for owners of the Audi TT Quattro this amount is worthless. The largest hotel room of Europe contains two bedrooms, six additional rooms, three terraces, a study, a dining room, a small cinema, gym, sauna, swimming pool, private Elevator and marble staircase. In General, all you need to relax like a king.

Interior decoration in the room reminiscent of the Palace Borghese, Farnese and Massimo. Here, marble floors and chandeliers made of Murano crystal, on the walls of frescoes and mosaics. There is also a wine cellar, containing 160 bottles of selected wines, among which there are both French and Spanish, and Italian, and Californian. Hotel for over a hundred years old, stayed here the Prince and Princess of Monaco, the family of Kennedy, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and “the rolling stones”.

Another unique hotel, which is Aston Martin Zagato can be worthy of to visit is Thailand and it is called “the Imperial boat house”. The hotel is a converted old barges, but the rooms are decorated to the highest level. Tourists, waking up at night, it may seem as if it is otkrytomu, you hear the sound of the waves and the window cabins sea breeze postavlyaet the curtain.

55 km from Manaus, where the Rio Negro merges with the Amazon, is located in Arau Jungle Tower. It is located on the branches of trees. Amazing, isn’t it? But this decision are three reasons: first and most important for nature lovers – during construction was not cut down a single tree, and very hard high strength glass was used. Secondly, in the long rainy periods, the space under the hotel fills with water. Finally, the third reason is animals. From one room to another, meeting room, dining room, etc. there are special hanging bridges. Bottom – volatile leeches, stingrays, crocodiles, catfish, and lamprey-canero. Staying here, tourists can feel a part of nature.

Another hotel is suitable for children up to 9 years. To be in England and somewhat similar to kindergarten. Miniature in “Grand hotel” for a few days you can leave your kids, if you want to go somewhere or to solve some important matters. The kids here experienced teacher and two nannies. For children are prepared special entertainment programs, trips and music classes, and every day visits to the countryside.

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