Unusual hotels of the world

For thrill-seekers was opened in Singapore luxury hotel — Marina Bay Sands . This Grand hotel comprises three 55-storey towers, dominated by a huge gondola with swimming pools and green gardens with total area of 12.4 thousand square meters.

The main infinity pool, situated under the open sky, has no visible skirting, because of what the impression that the edge of the water falls at a height, in fact, water poured over the edge into a catchment below, whence it is pumped back. Here you can also find restaurants/bars, Nightclubs and elegant casino(at 600 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines). Singapore legalized gambling only in 2005, hoping for the casino to attract tourists. And this move paid off: after the construction in 2010, Marina Bay Sands, the influx of tourists to Singapore increased by 24 % .

The hotel has 2561 rooms, exhibition center, Museum, two large theaters, seven restaurants, two skating rinks. The construction of the hotel cost investors $ 8 billion $.

Perhaps the most amazing hotel called the hotel Grafskoe estate . located near the Kenyan capital Nairobi. It is famous for its “guests” – a herd of giraffes. Giraffes know perfectly well that at a certain time can get treats, and come, poking their long necks into the Windows or doors of.

The most fabulous hotel Magic Mountain Lodge (Home of “Magic Mountain”), is located in the Chilean biological Park-reserve, Wilo-Wilo. Built from natural local materials, the hotel is a covered with living vegetation mountain with a waterfall at its top. From the top of the volcano of flowing streams of water, feeding vines, densely avivausa this fabulous hotel. The rope bridge leads to the inside of the hotel, located above the abyss of lush tropical vegetation, that every time adrenaline into the blood are available.

The building itself is made of only natural materials: wood for the decoration and the stones for the facade were collected in the reserve. The abundant vegetation is sometimes impossible to tell where the stone walls bordering on the surrounding forest vegetation.

The hotel has 13 rooms, all made of wood. Each room is dedicated to the birds living in the reserve. Images of birds can be found on pillows and each room door. Also features the hotel offers: sauna, Jacuzzi, bar, restaurant. But the main feature of the Magic Mountain Lodge . apart from its exotic external appearance are hot tubs, is made entirely of trunks of huge trees. Installed on a special platform and filled with hot water, these tubs beckon guests promising a heavenly delight. The cost of living in the fabulous Magic Mountain Lodge varies from 250 to 400 $ per day.

Among the most unusual hotels in the world can be safely attributed to the Finnish hotel Kakslauttanen . located above the Arctic circle in Lapland fairytale(250 kilometers South of the Arctic circle). Lovers of rare natural phenomena can have the opportunity to admire the Northern lights through the icy wall of the home of the eskimo Igloo. The forecast of appearance of the Aurora is posted daily at the front Desk, and when the glow becomes visible, a special Gong that can be heard throughout the resort and inside the needle, informs tourists about it.

Inside the needle is extremely warm and cozy, even at -30 °C outside, as the glass roof is heat resistant. The hotel offers accommodation in 20 rooms, each has twin beds, toilet and shower.

Accommodation in the village of Igloo Village Kakslauttanen is only possible in the winter. The traditional start of season — end of December and ends by the end of April. The cost of accommodation depends on the month stay, as a rule, the highest prices in January and February. The average price for needle — 300-400 euros per night.

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