Unusual hotels in St. Petersburg

Make your trip unforgettable, you can book a room in one of the most unusual hotels in the Northern capital.

For every taste

You can choose and book any hotels and apartments in Peter Octago sort to fit your requirements and budget. If you want to stay in an unusual hotel, but it does not have a solid cash, not to worry – Peter will find interesting options for every budget.

Unusual hotels in St. Petersburg can be very different. Some of them inspired by the great works of art, historical figures and events, while others, fully embodies the spirit of modern culture. You can find hotels on travel and different countries of the world.

The most unusual hotels Peter

In St. Petersburg there will be “hotel of dreams” for everyone – no matter how unusual your preferences. Almost all unusual and original hotel located in the Central part of St. Petersburg – you will be able to immerse themselves in the life of the Northern capital, walking along Nevsky Prospekt, visit your attractions and feel like a real Petersburger.

The most unusual hotels in St. Petersburg:

•Hotel”Rachmaninov” – rooms hand-painted by artists from St. Petersburg, one room is a memorial apartment of Rachmaninoff. The hotel also has a gallery, which hosts exhibitions and master classes.

•Hotel “the Brothers Karamazov” – here you can stay in interior room, where the situation will be decorated with decorative elements from the XIX century.

•Hotel “Red Stars” – a hymn to the modern street culture, each floor painted graffiti on different countries (Brazil, Japan, America and England).

•Hotel Alexander house is a small boutique hotel, each room is inspired by one of the cities in the world, a large library, a home cinema room, a fireplace and a summer terrace.

•Hotel “Radisson Sonya” – Palekh boxes, dolls, carpeting and nameplates on the rooms with quotes from “Crime and punishment”, a collection of books “Crime and punishment” in all languages of the world.

•Hotel “Rossi” boutique hotel with paintings of different artists on the walls, with the atmosphere of the old merchant’s mansion, a loft with library.

•Hotel the W hotel is an ultra – modern style and high-tech gadgets and SPA-complex.

•Hotel “Greenwich” is a Paradise for fans of the UK English style in everything.

•Hotel Marshal is located in the former barracks of the Royal horse guards, the atmosphere of military history of St. Petersburg.

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