Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh – everyone knows that Egypt has become one of the popular holiday destinations of Russians. The mystique and beauty of this Arab country annually attract millions of tourists. Now you can buy tours to Egypt directly through the Internet, using search tours for all operators and make online payment by credit card.

A trip to the “land of pyramids” is a perfect option for those who wish to just lie in the sun and for active people who prefer a picturesque leisure and sightseeing tours.

A luxury resort on the red sea – Sharm El-Sheikh is called the “Rimini of Sinai.” The small town of Sharm El Sheikh was built entirely from scratch on the Sands just a couple of decades ago. It is located on the Sinai Peninsula that connects the Asian continent with Africa. The Sinai Peninsula divides the Red sea in two magnificent Gulf of Aqaba and Suez.

Great hotels Sharm El Sheikh with developed infrastructure, beautiful flower gardens and palm groves – all the result of hard work of man. Began the development of the resort to Naama Bay and today it is the centre of Sharm El Sheikh. Here are concentrated not only hotels, but also discos, boutiques, restaurants and many Shisha bars. This Bay is the most beautiful part of the city.

In Naama Bay nightlife, as it is famous for its clubs, casinos and shows. Especially touristoffice walking Mall called “promenade” that connects the area all hotels.

Here you can buy all kinds of Souvenirs, dine in the restaurant with Oriental and European cuisine and enjoy performances of famous artists. Today on the Internet you can book and buy the tour in Sharm El Sheikh online at low cost via the service MIX.TRAVEL.

Late deals to Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt resorts offer a high level of service and the opportunity to visit the historic monuments of ancient civilization. The red sea attracts tourists from all over the world with many unique fish and coral reefs. For those who are willing to pack a suitcase for one day and go to this Sunny country, a reservation service offering discounted tours in Sharm El Sheikh.

The main street Sharm El Sheikh Il Mercato reminiscent of the style of an Italian resort. Shoppers get pleasure from the local shops and the boutiques. Hiking is recommended in the evening when the heat subsides and the sun hides behind the high mountains of the desert. In Sharm El Sheikh is hot even in the evening. The main advantage of Egypt is the climate, so you can plan the rest of the country all year round.

Buying a hot tour in Sharm El Sheikh, you can pre-select the excursions. For lovers of active leisure there are large parks Cleo Park and Aqua Albatross. The first design resembles Ancient Egypt, but it is designed more for adults, but in Aqua Albatross can have a great time with the whole family.

Luxury SOHO is a wide street between the hotels and Siera Savoy. After resting in a comfortable hotel tourists enjoy going here to stroll by the singing fountains, children’s rides and restaurants, featuring live music groups.

Late deals to Sharm El Sheikh is not only an opportunity to rest cheaply in Egypt, but also to save money to buy day trips: Christian monastery. Catherine, mount Sinai, Cairo and Alexandria, as well as boat trips on the yacht.

Booking of hotels and tours in Sharm El Sheikh

The resort area of Sharm El Sheikh has about 200 hotels and most of them were built in the Arab style. Landscaped territory of the hotel there is everything necessary for comfortable rest: souvenir shops, playgrounds, Wi-Fi, cosy bars and restaurants, diving centers, Jacuzzi and heated pools and gyms and tennis courts. Famous hotels, usually located at the Naama Bay and each has its own coral reef.

Since all the hotels in Sharm El Sheikh are relatively new and continue to build this resort called Europeanized. Of course, the Arab flavor is present, but the lowest share. And the reason is that initially in this desert place near the red sea there was no settlement.

Leaving the tourist town, along the seaside highway, you can meet small villages with mud huts. Many houses have been adapted for demonstration to tourists, so you can enjoy freshly caught fish and even to rent a cheap room.

To book tours in Sharm El Sheikh you only need to choose the date and number of days of stay, using the form of search and selection of tours.

Tours in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

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