The Resorts Of Hungary

Thermal resorts of Hungary. Spa and Wellness centers.

Drinking sources. The recreational areas.

Thermal resorts of Hungary — the country’s visit card. There are about 60 thousand water sources, 1152 of them with temperatures over +30 °C. in Hungary is Europe’s only cave-Spa and bath ( Miskolctapolca ), as well as the most famous in Europe, lake Heviz natural volcanic origin with hot water treatment (+33 °C). And if Hungary is called bath Empire, its capital Budapest is considered as the capital of thermal baths. Here 130 springs with healing water, which produce more than 70 million liters of water a day with temperatures ranging from +24 to +78 °C.

Globally, Hungary occupies a leading position in balneotherapy. The country is among the five richest countries of thermal waters in the world. Emperors, kings, nobility, famous statesmen, guests and locals for centuries enjoyed bathing there and treatment. Favorable characteristics of water accumulated over long years of knowledge and experience, the traditional Hungarian hospitality is the basis of the widest range of proposals for the Hungarian thermal, biosphere, Spa and Wellness resorts. Treatment at the resorts of Hungary — is a high class relaxation and therapy at very reasonable prices, this deliverance from illnesses while exploring the amazing country, the combination of vozdeistviyakh thermal waters and Hungarian hospitality.

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The capital of Hungary officially included in the European Royal Resorts. Welcome guests here are treated like royalty. Their services meet all the requirements of Spa and Wellness hotels of category 4-5 stars and more than a dozen town baths at the head of the largest balneary in Europe – bath “section”

Near the Western shore of lake Balaton, about 200 km from Budapest, there is a true natural wonder of the hévíz thermal lake. Medical lake year-round for bathing, due to its natural characteristics has a remarkable effect in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The most famous resort in Hungary annually attracts thousands of visitors, wishing to improve their health in the healing waters.

The city of two springs. Since 2004 sárvár, along with Budapest, is a member of the Royal spas of Europe. Updated serverski thermal complex meets all modern requirements. Every summer in sárvár folklore festival takes place, culminating in a carnival-parade.

For 75 years, hajdúszoboszló is the “Mecca of rheumatics”. Which rises from a depth of 1100 metres thermal water has a temperature of 75 °C and helps to cure many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin and gynecological diseases.

Bukfurdo is the most dynamically growing resort of Hungary. Baths able to accommodate thousands of guests. More than half of visitors come from Austria, which is only 25 km away. Here has the largest in Hungary and throughout Central Europe is a Playground for golfing

Medicinal baths of Debrecen, located in the great forest leisurely (Big forest) is one of the most popular spas of Hungary. The complex consists of indoor baths, the beach and the usual thermal pools and aquapark Aquaticum.

Zalakaros – balneotherapeutic resort forest zone at an altitude of 150 m, 30 km South-West from lake Balaton and 200 km South-West from Budapest. Zalakaros, the town with over 800 years of stories, is considered to be one of the youngest spas of Hungary.

Tapolca — health resort on the North West coast of lake Balaton. Its main feature – the use for the treatment of various diseases cave therapy, and therapeutic cave is located directly in the city center.

Harkány – a balneotherapy resort situated at an altitude of 201 m, at the foot of mount Tenkes, located 215 km from Budapest and 20 km South from the historic city of pécs, just 8 km from the border with Croatia. His fame brought a sulphurous water containing dissolved gases, sulfide ions.

The secret of attraction of Egerszalók is hidden in the beauty of nature. The main local attraction is the thermal spring, located South of the settlement. The temperature of the water, which rises from a depth of 410 meters, is at the earth’s surface 65-68 °C. Where the water flows over the years on the hill, a quaint white cap from lime deposits over 1200 m2.

The old Turkish bath of Eger is the business card of the picturesque town. Next to her in a beautiful Park is a modern thermal complex. Its water contains bicarbonate of calcium and emits radon. Doctors recommend it to those who suffer from rheumatism, atherosclerosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, infertility.

The most famous in Eastern Europe the cave bath gave impetus to the formation around it and the natural thermal resort of Miskolc-Tapolca. Swimming and relaxing in unusual conditions make the visiting Miskolc-topolskogo thermal unforgettable.

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