The oldest Moscow hotels

Arriving in Moscow as a tourist, many people want not only to see the historic sights of the metropolis, and to live in a place that has seen in his lifetime, not a generation. Since the most common housing for tourists are hotels, consider the oldest and, at the same time, the most famous hotels in Moscow.

Rightfully the oldest hotel of Moscow is considered to be ” national “, built in 1903. Here hosted the European monarchs and guests of Emperor Nicholas II. So the hotel had rooms that were called “Living room of Louis XVI and Louis XV Living room” — now it’s presidential suites. Then the hotel has 160 rooms. The most expensive finishing and decoration of the rooms were on the third floor. Now in the “national” in room 221. Most of the apartments have an individual design, some stylized old design.

The hotel “Metropol” is younger than “national” only for 2 years. It is located next to the Kremlin and the Bolshoi theatre.

Nice hotel hotel was built with baths. At the end of the XIX century it was bought by Mammoth and built a large hotel complex. But due to financial difficulties Mamontov, the building passed to other owners.

However, in 1905 the”Metropol” was opened. At that time it was a unique hotel with 400 rooms, which were amazed by its luxury, preserved to the present day are architectural decorations and majolica panels.

“Metropol” — one of the first hotels in Russia, in the rooms which was hot water, refrigerators. In 1993, in one of the presidential rooms lived Michael Jackson. The hotel lived Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Kim Jong-Il and other celebrities and leading politicians.

This hotel was built already in the times of the Soviet Union and has a characteristic title — ” Soviet “. It is situated near the metro station “Dinamo”. Hotel built in 1952, all of the elements designed in the Stalinist style — Golden hammer and sickle, a huge column. After opening, the hotel was the seat of the government. Here Stalin received the delegation. Incidentally, in hotel rooms, where he lived Stalin.

Today all these hotels will provide everything you need to relax — here you can order a guide, rent a car and take advantage of numerous other services, but if a miracle happens, and what You want, if you don’t find yourself in the hotel delivery service in Moscow can quickly fulfill your request.

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