The oldest hotels in the world

The oldest hotels in the world scattered across the globe. Appearing in the form of Inns on the crossroads of trade routes, and they still delight guests with centuries-old traditions of hospitality.

The oldest hotel in the world registered in the Guinness Book of records is located in Japan called Hoshi Ryokan . The hotel appeared in 717 BC to the present day cherishes traditional interior design. Has a hotel already for forty six generations by the same family.

Among European hotels for its considerable age of outstanding Italian hotel Luna Baglioni . It was founded in Venice in the distant XII century. There are documents showing that here at one time stopped the knights Templar. Today the hotel is popular with the powerful and keeps the brand. By the way, the night in this hotel costs from € 400.

Another Italian hotel boasts of its deep history. His name is Albergo del Sole al Pantheon . The first mention of the hotel are 1496 and connected with the stop within its walls the Emperor Frederick III. Since then the hotel has become increasingly popular and more than six centuries to stop here prominent politicians and artists.

In Velikobritaniia age stands out the hotel YeOldeBell . Since the XVI century, the hotel is located on the trade route between London and York and all the while enjoys a good reputation among the guests.

Among the luxury hotels of France to its considerable age can boast of Chateau Du Domaine St. Martin . The hotel is located in the building of a medieval castle, full of legends and knights and treasures. In addition to the old entourage, the popularity of the hotel give the proximity to the sea and the city nice.

The oldest hotel in Germany is RadissonBluSchwarzerBock . located in Wiesbaden. The first mention of the hotel dates back to 1486. The hotel is known for its healing baths that drew visitors from all over Europe.

The oldest hotel in Turkey – Gamirasu Cave Hotel . It was created on the basis of the monastery, famous since the VIII century. And to this day you can feel like an ascetic monk, staying in a cell with stone furniture.

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