The oldest hotels in the world

The hotel Ryokan Hashes in Japan is the oldest in the world

The oldest hotels in the world – today most of them are either in museums or in ruins. Because the history of the hotel began long before the emergence of the concept of the hotel. The earliest hotels can be considered as a thermal bath, which the Greeks and Romans arranged at the healing springs in the surroundings of Athens and Naples. Of the oldest hotels can also be attributed caravanserais – Inns, motels current prototypes, which were located along the roads of the legendary silk Road in the cities of the Golden Horde. In the early middle ages the functions of the hotels served and monasteries monastery monastic orders.

Today the oldest hotel in the world is located in Japan. Hotel the Hashes in the vicinity of the city Komatsu opened its doors in 717 ad. The hotel is a traditional Japanese type of Ryokan, which provides in addition to sleep and rest in the healing springs. This Ryokan Hashes in Japan offers its services to guests to this day. The hotel Hashes throughout its existence belonged to a single genus. For nearly 1300 years in the management of the hotel was replaced by 46 generations of the family. The average price per room in this hotel – about 300 euros .

Ebonywood is considered the record holder for the oldest hotels in the world. Until recently, there was the world’s oldest hotel company – Kongo Gumi. The Congo Gumi specialized in the creation of Buddhist temples and monasteries for monks over 1400 years and was closed due to financial difficulties in 2006.

The age of the oldest hotels in Europe compared to Japan looks a bit “childish”. So, for example, the oldest hotel in Venice hotel Luna Baglioni 4* was founded in the 12th century. Today the rooms there are from $ 180. Hotel Luna Baglioni is situated in the centre of Venice, five minutes of “swimming” from Piazza San Marco. The oldest hotel in Rome today is Sol Al Pantheon 4*. built in the 15th century.

The oldest hotel in the UK is the Old Bell hotel in the town of Malmsbury, the first capital of England. The Old Bell hotel welcomed its first guests in 1220. Today, the Old Bell hotel offers 31 room and 2 restaurants. The location is very convenient to make excursions to the nearby cities of Bristol and bath.

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