The most unusual hotels in the world

Especially for those who are tired of the international network of hotels class “luxury”, Shine is a selection of the most unusual hotels in the world.

Sandboarding enthusiasts will enjoy the hotel-an oasis in the desert of RUB al Khali, which is two hours away by car from the capital of UAE – Abu Dhabi. Do not worry in advance: pool, SPA, restaurants and other blessings of civilization are the place to be even in a lifeless desert.

Liwa Oasis, UAE

2. The hotel with its own vineyard

What could be better than to combine relaxation with wine tasting?

Castello Banfi — Il Borgo, the Poggio alle Mura, Montalcino, Italy

3. Hidden in the mountains and greenery

Ideal for those who want to be alone and hide from the eyes of others.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Machu Picchu, Peru

4. In the water tower

Modern hotel in the water tower of the XIX century in the heart of Hamburg.

Movenpick Hotel Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

In each of the 11 two-storey suites and bedrooms and bathrooms open out to the world’s largest aquarium, containing 45 million liters of water! In the giant aquarium live 50,000 marine fishes.

Resort World Santosa, Singapore

6. A crane

You may have seen a variety of hotels, with panoramic views of the city, but certainly never lived. a crane. Unusual luxury hotel by faralda Crane Hotel is located in the upper part of a crane at a height of 50 m.

By Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7. At the railway station

Feel the atmosphere of romance of the road, without leaving anywhere, in the English hotel, which is located on an abandoned station.

The Old Railway Station, Petworth, UK

8. Villa-aircraft

In continuing the transport theme: for aviation enthusiasts in Costa Rica was established hotel, situated in a converted Boeing 727.

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Notable not so much the hotel, but his restaurant, which is located on a tree and resembles a bird’s nest.

Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Thailand

Our travel designers will easily book rooms in these or other non-standard hotels and will create for you an individual trip to any corner of the world.

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