The most famous hotels in the world

The Grand

The Grand hotel opened its doors in the distant 1874 on one of the Central streets of the Norwegian capital. Renaissance in character building of the Louis XVI stands on the main street of Oslo and serves as a “living” sample atmospheric hotel, where strictly honor the tradition and classic style. About this hotel talking, when its patron was the famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. In the past century within the walls of the Grand stayed Nobel laureates and other renowned artists. By tradition, winners of the prestigious prize Alfred Nobel stay in apartment Nobel suite. where from the balcony overlooking the town square, they greet the crowd. Suite solemnly decorated and consists of an elegant living room for 6 persons and a bedroom.

The hotel has 238 rooms and 51 suites. Frequent visits of celebrities and their tastes and wishes, helped to create a real image of the hotel’s apartments, each of which has its own character and style. For example, fans of Opera was specially crafted Suite “Opera”: the walls of the room are adorned with portraits of famous singers, the décor, the props, were on the scene, and, of course, you can listen to Opera music. A number of rooms named after world famous writers: Suite, Henrik Ibsen is executed in classical style and consists of a living room and two bedrooms, which have balconies overlooking the city streets.

Celayeta hotel is dedicated to women of the 20th century, made an invaluable contribution to the development of culture and art. Themed rooms, named after famous journalists, writers, scientists, dancers, decorated female designers with a full understanding of what should be the ideal place for a not weak half of humanity. Accommodation prices at the hotel range from quite affordable and the components of 150-200 dollars a night to a quite “five star” prices in the $ 2500.

Restaurants and bars are equally Grand history. In Grand Café liked to sit Henrik Ibsen, to this day preserved the table, at which sat the famous playwright. The restaurant Julius Fritzner opened in 1874 by pastry chef Julius Prizerom, more than 120 years reference bakes the pastry, is famous far outside Oslo. Relax and unwind with a glass of wine in the panoramic bar Etoile, located on the 8th floor of the hotel.

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