The most famous hotels in the world

They stayed the princes and rock stars, famous politicians and gurus, famous artists and millionaires. Every piece of furniture of hotels keeps the spirit of history, and skinali is decorated with images of your favorite idols. Luxury and celebrity guests are the main factors that distinguish luxury hotels. “Adlon”, “metropolis”, “the Ritz”, “Astoria”, “Savoy”, “Chelsea” — the legendary walls of these structures are closely connected with famous personalities, such as Nobel laureate Ernst Hemingway and the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll Elvis Presley. Luxury apartment repeatedly become the heroes of popular songs, literary masterpieces and cinematic bestsellers. Here are just some of them.

Famous hotels — the big names

A true trendsetter is considered the French “Ritz”. And this is not surprising, because in his time in the legendary hotel lived for more than thirty years, Coco Chanel. Honored with his presence the Royal apartments the Ritz hotel, the great composer Frederic Chopin and Creator of the lyrical ballads Elton John. The walls of the hotel keep the memory of the writers, Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway.

The proof that it is not the place paints the person, is considered “Grand Hotel” in St. Petersburg. Postinitialize chic hotel rate and royalty in the person of the Swedish monarch and the English governess, and the famous singer Enrico Caruso, and a genius composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and the Creator of the Johann Strauss waltzes.

Some very prominent hotels are listed as world cultural heritage. Among them — French “Negresco”. In 1974 he was recognized as a national monument. This is not surprising because from its Windows offer magnificent landscapes of the Bay of Angels.

German “Adlon” is a recognized standard of high style. The legendary status he acquired almost immediately after opening. The fact that he was the unofficial winter residence of Wilhelm II and many of his associates. Among the most famous guests — Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Well, today brilliant “Adlon” hotel hospitably opens its doors to new guests on the eve of the Christmas holidays.

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