The most expensive rooms in the world

The first person in the country, well-known and popular stars, athletes and other celebrities prefer comfort and convenience, even with short official visits, tours or events. Everything has to be perfect. But only the first person in the world can afford the luxury of staying in the most expensive hotels. The room rate for just one night can often exceed the cost of a small apartment somewhere in the province. The impressive size, scope and luxury of the rooms seem unearthly. Now your attention is invited to the ranking of the most expensive hotels around the world. Let’s see how everything can be completely.

Opens the top five most expensive hotels in the world hotel in the capital of Japan the Ritz-Carlton. The hotel is the tallest building in Tokyo. The location only enhances the status of the hotel is the cultural and business center of the country. The view from the Windows will allow you to fully enjoy the city and to consider the greatness of the mountains Fuzzy. Are two hundred and forty-eight luxury rooms, one of which the most expensive is the presidential Suite. Price per night in this room starts from 25 thousand dollars.

Now fast forward to Italy and its capital Rome. Here is the hotel, which occupies the fourth place ranking — the Westin Excelsior. Everything about this property is exclusive— from furniture to fine fabrics. All the interior of the hotel hints at luxury unlimited. Some rooms offer breathtaking views of the person Via Veneto. Once in the hotel you can see a lot of precious that can be considered as cultural heritage in the interior there are Antiques. The most expensive room will cost your wallet 29 thousand dollars per night.

The journey continues and we will move to the USA. Probably many have heard about the Four Seasons hotel in new York, but only before some opened the door of his room. It’s very simple — to spend the night in the most expensive room will cost 34 thousand dollars. It can easily stay as couples and business partners — the hotel fulfils the wishes of all its visitors.

On country we do not have to change, because the second place ranking is located in the USA Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The most expensive room in this hotel costs 40 thousand dollars a night. Its interior will allow you to take only special visitors, as done in the style of Playboy. All it hints at sex: and mirrors on the ceiling and the bed wide and comfortable.

And now sit down. Because the price of this room is mind-blowing. Overnight at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva will have to pay 60 thousand dollars. So, like a Swiss watch, this hotel is a national landmark. All the powerful of this world, traveling through Switzerland stop here, because there is simply no more expensive and can not be. Service this truly Paradise shakes. Here time finds its rest and stops.

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