The most expensive hotels in Turkey

The most expensive hotels of Turkey – holiday, luxury

If you want to get great emotions from your vacation, do not choose the cheapest places and resorts. As a great option, see a selection of the most expensive hotels in Turkey and choose an optimal solution for all occasions. You will find a wonderful choice of holiday and get the latest emotions, but it should be understood that the most expensive place even in such a democratic country resort, as Turkey, will require financial commitment to pay for the leave a good amount of money.

Of course, here you will find the hotels whose asset 7 stars or 8 stars, even the coolest places to relax with fabulous prices are normalized and familiar 5-star system class of hotels. However, the class of stay here is just amazing and gorgeous. Today we will look at some of the most expensive hotels of Turkey, which offer the highest level of service and unexpected comfort.

Mardan Palace in Antalya is a gorgeous place with amazing history

The construction of this hotel spent the GDP of a small country, with indecent figures were never officially named. Today the complex Mardan Palace is consistent with the level 7 stars, but is included in the conventional scheme for determining the level of hotels in Turkey. To call this complex is expensive for every tourist, because there are budgetyear. Key features of the following:

for guests at this Turkey hotel room prices start from 475 USD and reaches 19 000 dollars;

the sand for development of the beach has been brought specially to the hotel from the best hotels of Egypt;

huge swimming pool, which also serves as a decoration of the territory, with its beautiful bridges, the hotel is fabulous;

the most expensive and well-equipped rooms — just obscenely big and amazing;

employees of this hotel are ready to give you a chic environment and the absence of any problems.

Whatever service you want, you will receive, it is enough to say about them professional staff. Moreover, you will understand in any language, and if necessary put a free translator. In General, talking about the list of services of the most expensive places in all the open spaces of Turkey is difficult – there is no list, any service possible.

Voyage Belek – world for the fans of the rest of the civilized

Golf and Spa – these are the features and entertainment are key ones in Voyage Belek. It’s not the most expensive hotel on the coast luxury resort, but the room rates here can go up to incredible heights. Tourists who are willing to live in not the most luxurious apartments can get great prices on the rest of the place. But the hotel is especially famous for its unique rooms for wealthy Golf lovers. The main features of these:

in Turkey you will not find a more suitable place for a luxury stay and receive all pleasures;

it is complex, some rooms and a separate bed which can pull all 8 stars rating;

among the most expensive hotels of Turkey Voyage Belek is different and its elasticity – and there is budget accommodation;

elegant penthouse with incredible size and additional services can cost up to $ 20,000 per night.

Despite the outright expensive, the most expensive one obviously will appeal to a millionaire. In Turkey there are many beautiful places and activities that are often unavailable to people who don’t have enough money. It’s a completely different world that will show you just how amazing can be a vacation. And it’s not just the Golf course and open spaces – Voyage Belek will slightly open the curtain over the excitement and glamour on vacation.

Ciragan Palace is an ancient and complex

Among the most expensive resorts and hotels in Turkey you can find fun places that will show your story in an unexpectedly rich cover. It is possible to remember in this regard is a lovely hotel in one of the districts of Istanbul – Ciragan Palace. Luxurious accommodation in the ancient building of the XVI century will allow you to re-evaluate our assumptions on an expensive and extensive vacation. Surprise at the hotel you will be moments like this:

you will discover unknown and inaccessible for many tourists Turkey that will surprise you with its charm;

in the Sultan Suite for $ 7,500 per night you will spend unforgettable time and enjoy like a king;

the servants are ready to do absolutely everything that you need or want;

luxury apartments spread over many rooms, decorated in a wonderful style;

in tens meters from the hotel there is a private beach, where store is the best place for an elite clientele;

the huge pool is almost completely at your disposal, guests, not so much.

The most expensive hotels is not just a way to spend more money on a normal holiday in Turkey. This is an opportunity to Express themselves, to find individuality in every minute of the holiday. This offers you the Ciragan Palace with amazing architecture, melding the modern requirements of the hotel and the classical problem of places to stay with wonderful subtleties and attention to detail.

Summing up the results

You can find a lot of places in Turkey, where the most expensive room will draw you in for a five-digit number in us dollars per night, but not every such place is popular among the rich and wealthy tourists. The above-mentioned locations offer not only a luxurious vacation for the owners a lot of money, but are willing to offer and quite decent and civilized services to anyone interested. You can choose a more reasonable number and get the chic rooms.

Royal rest will require large investments. It is the most expensive hotels are designed to give you the opportunity to feel like a Turkish Sultan. This will open a new world, worthy of the largest expenses on a vacation and several weeks near the shores of gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Turkey may not be as simple and honest report of how you think about it.

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