The most expensive hotels in the world

Owners of luxury hotels, it seems, does not loss from the effects of the global economic crisis. In contrast, the price per night in luxury apartments are growing quickly, and VIPs, it made no scares. The Imperial suites and presidential penthouses are always in high demand among the travelling elite, particularly government officials. For example, us President Barack Obama during his three-day visit to Moscow in June 2009, she filmed the entire Ritz-Carlton.

Authoritative British magazine Wealth Bulletin publishes the ratings of the most expensive hotel rooms. On the eve of the 2010 “big ten” were the following hotels.

Geneva: Hotel President Wilson

The price of the night in the Royal penthouse occupying the entire floor, is sixty-five thousand dollars. According to Wealth Bulletin, it costs almost twice as much as 2009. Despite the unprecedented high cost, book the penthouse is not easy: you have to align your intentions with the main hotel Manager. In a luxurious room four bedrooms overlooking lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, six bathrooms and bulletproof glass in the huge Windows.

The hotel got its name thanks to the American President Woodrowwilson – founder of the League of Nations to the UN. Earlier in the President Wilson Hotel was located the headquarters of its Secretary-General. To present the United Nations headquarters can be reached by car in five minutes.

In the interior lobby of President Wilson Hotel attract the attention of the statue of the work of Korean sculptor Jae-Hyo Lee, a chandelier made of natural pearls, wide plasma screens, platinum mosaic. The floor is decorated with Swarovski crystals, ceiling – leaves silver grey, walls – slate boards and white onyx. The most “expensive” customers up to their rooms private elevators.

New York: Four Seasons Hotel

A roomy Suite under the name Ty Warner Penthouse suite in the famous new York hotel Four Seasons Hote in 2008, he held the ratings leadership position. The owners of the hotel complex were not in crisis are greatly increasing the prices on their “highlights”. The night in the Suite costs thirty five thousand dollars, which is only a thousand dollars above their previous requests.

Four Seasons Hotel is the tallest hotel in new York, Ty Warner Penthouse suite was chosen to the fifty-second floor. Penthouse with a total area of about four hundred square meters was first opened in 2007. Its layout and design congenial fruit of the creativity of designer Peter Marino, architect IM Pei and billionaire Ty Warner, Creator line of toys Beanie Babies. The walls of the nine rooms shimmer pearlescent sheen, is a separate room for SPA-procedures, winter garden Zen design and a library in the middle of which stands a concert Grand piano.

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia: Cala di Volpe

The presidential Suite hotel Cala di Volpe in the top ten luxurious hotel suites a beginner. The price of the “overnight” in it has risen from pre-crisis level in twenty-seven and a half thousand dollars to thirty five thousand dollars. The room has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a saltwater pool and Solarium.

The hotel itself was built in 1963 by architect Jacques Kovalam and design is reminiscent of an old village with terracotta walls, turrets and porticos. He is immersed in the ocean of flowers is the fragrance of roses, oleander, and juniper carried away on the emerald coast, also called Costa-Smeralda.

The interior of Cala di Volpe is designed in traditional Sardinian style: the marble, handmade ceramics, natural wood and fabric with ethnic motifs.

Rome: The Westin Excelsior

In fourth place – the Villa La Cupola Suite in Rome’s Westin Excelsior. It occupies two floors – fifth and sixth. For the right to spend the night in a beautiful room, worthy of the Roman emperors, VIP clients spread thirty-one thousand dollars.

Villa La Cupola rightly has a reputation as the greatest rooms in Europe-its area is more than one hundred thousand square meters. Special mention deserves the lounge with domed ceiling, through which the Suite and got the name. It is decorated with frescoes and stained glass, where close to the mythological characters are depicted allegories of the present: the Atlas is a TV company, Hermes Marketing, and Hypnosis Is a Neurosis.

The room has two bedrooms, a Jacuzzi in the Pompeian style, a sauna, a fitness centre and a spacious terrace with panoramic views of via Veneto. On the background of Villa La Cupola filmed some episodes of his films, Federico Fellini .

Tokyo: The Ritz-Carlton

The presidential Suite at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton holds the highest standards in the truest sense of the word. Sky-high for Japan, the price of twenty-five thousand dollars a night sky and corresponds to the location of these apartments: the last of the fifty-second floor of the tallest building in the land of the rising sun – 248-meter Midtown tower Tower. Perhaps, this is the best place for contemplating urban landscapes, Roppongi hills and mount Fuji.

Interior Japanese five-star Ritz-Carlton at the time was engaged in renowned designer Frank Nicholson. He opted for an elegant European style.

The hotel has a SPA centre with pool, sauna and fitness Studio. Restaurants Ritz-Carlton offers not only Japanese cuisine, but a wide range of international gastronomic traditions.

Bahamas: Atlantis

Twenty-two thousand dollars will have to pay for a night in the Bridge Suite at the Atlantis hotel. For its location was chosen an unusual place – a covered walkway between the two main towers of the hotel. Among the hoteliers it is known as the “floating Suite” or “Suite of Michael Jackson”. The king of pop has been here quite a frequent visitor.

Bridge Suite – the curious case in the ranking of the suites. Crisis tendencies appeared to him crisis: first day stay in this apartment was paid in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars. But from those who “hang in full” and the end, the hotel management is not even spent on advertising rooms.

Paris: Park Hyatt Vendome

Rent the Imperial Suite at the Paris Park Hyatt Vendome will cost twenty thousand dollars a night. In-room Suite provides a study, living room, dining room and bathroom, equipped with SPA.

Park Hyatt Vendome, built in the XIX century, not casually call a hotel a Palace. Designer ed tuttle, the hotel choosing for a new concept in the third Millennium, have tried to preserve the charm of the French classics. The main elements of interior design of Park Hyatt Vendome steel Sandstone, mahogany, bronze and a special fabric blend of linen and silk.

Park Hyatt Vendome features a well supplied business service: it is easy to find a suitable conference hall for business events, you can at any time use the services of a legal assistant and translator.

Dubai: Burj Al Arab

Luxury hotel Burj Al Arab in the form of a giant sail billowing over the Arabian Gulf, Dubai was built in the nineties of the XX century. He immediately began to position itself as a seven-star hotel, although the maximum rank of the hotel in the international classification of five stars.

The night in the “Royal room” of the hotel – the Royal Suite is estimated at nineteen thousand six hundred dollars. It is located on the twenty-fifth floor, accessible by private Elevator. Marble floors are covered with carpets, stylized leopard skin, and the walls are trimmed with silk. The room became famous round bed under a gorgeous Oriental four-poster bed, which is installed on a rotating platform.

Geneva: Le Richemond

The hotel complex, named after the famous in the nineteenth century the dynasty of the Geneva hoteliers, is located in the business centre of the city – Jardin Brunswick. In 2004 the hotel was sold to the company the Rocco Fort, which tried to bring it into line with modern standards, at the same time without violating the spirit of antiquity.

Top comlpetely the Deluxe room Royal Armleder Suite. In order to spend the night, you have to pay eighteen thousand nine hundred dollars. Design spacious apartments with an area of about two and a half square feet on the seventh floor was engaged in Olga Polizzi, the younger sister of Rocco Forte. Terrace with panoramic views of lake Geneva, protected by bulletproof glass. In the living room can stir up a real wood-burning fireplace.

Moscow: Ritz-Carlton

And closes the TOP 10 most expensive hotels of Moscow Ritz-Carlton on Tverskaya with room Ritz-Carlton Suite – sixteen and a half thousand dollars a day. Through the huge Windows of the Suite you can admire the Kremlin and red square. Furnishings picked up at the Russian Imperial style. The room included all the canons of the Suite: living room with a piano, meeting room, library, sauna. There is even a special “panic room” with a high degree of safety: Autonomous energy supply systems and telecommunications.

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