The most expensive and luxurious hotels in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – not a very large country, but even they were able to accommodate over 1000 different hotels, some of them very expensive, some much cheaper. In the Czech Republic picked the most expensive in price and the most luxurious the level of service and accommodation hotels and accommodation. Chose right across the country, so the sample is really diverse, we share only the most interesting part.

The most expensive hotel in the Czech Republic is in the capital – in Prague. This was to be expected, because most tourists arrive in the capital, and not other cities. The hotel is located at a height of over 50 meters, one of the tallest buildings in the entire country – in the žižkov television tower.

The hotel costs about 10 euros per day of stay, all the hotel staff works only one guest is pleased, because this was the one room – more rooms no. This peculiarity, which is dictated by its location – it is located in the external capsule on the tower, there’s just no room for two luxury rooms. But the room which was there placed, really luxurious. Even if you decide to go in such an exotic place as the island of tyre, sometimes called Thira, is unlikely to find such an expensive hotel.Although hotels are good and there are a lot of very good, such as santorini luxury hotels offer a luxurious stay for very reasonable money.

The main guests are the stars of show business, including Hollywood, politicians, and sheikhs. Of course, who but the most wealthy people on the planet could afford to pay for accommodation for 10 days, the cost of an average 2-bedroom apartment in Prague? I am glad that such an expensive hotel in the Czech Republic only one, the other hotels are much more modest, and are at times, and sometimes in tens and even hundreds of times cheaper than the most expensive hotel.

There are hotels in Prague and CZK 200 a night for less than 10 euros the difference with the most expensive hotel, more than 1,000 times. But for 200, – CZK is the exception rather average tourists bought accommodation in hotels in Prague for rates close to 2-3 thousand rubles per night, which is also much cheaper than a hotel for 10 euros. As for other luxurious hotels, then there are those who awarded 5 stars – they cost about 400-500 euros per night, and are popular, because for the money you can get this service through which you can forget about all your worries and just enjoy your holiday in the Czech Republic.

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