Restaurant on the Rhine in Germany

The hotel has a lift, a restaurant, a bar with old stone fireplace, a restaurant,used also as meeting room, penthouse (140 sq. m for accommodation of the owner), great big professional kitchen,utility rooms, chambers for deep freezing, boiler room, Laundry room,built-in covered garage.

The hotel staff speaks German and Russian. A professional chef provides the highest quality in the preparation of various dishes. There is a wine cellar, where high-grade local and French wines.

Await visitors year-round trips on the Rhine,in the mountains on foot or by bike, wine tasting (here are some of the oldest in Europe, wine production, with about 2000 years), festival of beer, located near pool, Golf,dancing, tennis, meets natural zoo.The nature of the region impresses with its beauty and grandeur, in the summer the mountains are covered with vineyards, which are cultivated and are particularly appreciative of the local wine professionals. Here you can see the incredible number of old buildings, one of which is the Church. Peter and Paul of the 12th century, the chapel of Werner(especially tourists),restored in the ancient Church currently known masters of the organ,which is one of the oldest in the world.

The hotel has a huge potential of development. The town of Bacharach is in the Rhine, in Dol bus and tourist road train, where a daily stop countless tourists from Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Holland,Austria, Belgium and other countries.

On the other side, where the Rhine turns sharply its course, is world-famous and praised in the songs of the legendary sculpture of a girl Lorelai, the legend of which dates back to the IX century.

The river is navigable in the period are numerous passenger river steamers, prikalivaewmsia nearby, there are walking and car ferry to the other side of the Rhine.

Not without an interesting fact that until the current owner this object was 270 years in the hands of the one known in Germany and in Europe of the family, passing on from generation to generation the secrets of the hotel business and turned the item from a family-run hotel in well-known in Europe and in the world and a valued tourist destination.

Nearby are the towns of Koblenz, Mainz, Wiesbaden,Trier, Limburg, Cologne, Bonn and other ancient and world-famous typical German city. In Wiesbaden is a 30-minute drive away the Russian Orthodox Church. Easy access to the business capital of Germany Frankfurt am main and international airport.

The hotel restaurant is located in one of the most ancient and picturesque parts of Germany– Bacharach, with more than 1,000 years.Those who visit these places at least once, can never forget the unique beauty awakened centuries around the ancient walls of this city, amazing scenery, cobbled streets, from which springs the long history of this indescribable in its beauty and calmness of the city. In the 19th century Victor Hugo, who visited Bacharach, was so shocked that he wrote, “Bacharach is one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

The hotel consists of two mutually connected buildings with a total area of 1000 sq. m. the Hotel offers modern, comfortable accommodation that meets all the requirements of European standards. Daily in the spacious rooms can accommodate up to 50 guests.

The hotel features 23 cozy rooms, 15 rooms with a double bed, with all the necessary amenities in your room including 3 rooms “luxury”.

Prices from 35 to 85 EUR per night the room price includes Breakfast (buffet).

When the sale of the hotel owner offers an exceptionally favorable credit conditions.

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