Hotels with ghosts

Radiance. 3 hotel haunted, scared of NBA players

Recently some players “San Antonio” had to meet something not quite normal. To be precise – paranormal. According to the Texans, they faced the Ghost. This is not the first time the inhabitants of the underworld prevented NBA players on the road. Let’s play “Ghostbusters” and recall all the swarming ghosts of US hotels, which are settled by the players during away games.

Claremont Resort, Berkeley, Oakland, CA

The frightened victim . Tim Duncan, Jeff Ayres

The degree of fright . “The shining”

Resort hotel “the Claremont” situated near the Bay of San Francisco, celebrates 100 years next year. And how many people of such advanced age, the hotel complex started to kink in his old age.

The last few years the hotel has gained popularity among fans to look for evil spirits. It is unlikely that the enthusiasts are professional basketball players – they need healthy sleep, and there fall asleep, when you are bombarded with ghosts? The post “spurs” Jeff Ayres himself had to experience the curse of the California hotel.

“I went to his room and tried to open the door but the key didn’t fit. It seemed that someone in the room. I heard like there little baby’s not crying, but screaming. I went for a new key and said my room someone.

In the room called,but nobody answered. I was offered to change rooms. Others also heard the cry of the children in the hallway, as if they were running. Creepy. I really heard voices and a baby crying in the room and it was empty. It was scary”.

As Ayres has not yet deserved to have all of his word was taken on faith, this story could be taken with a grain of salt. But Jeff echoed by Tim Duncan:

“I also thought that his room was child, I heard something. There was definitely someone or something. At first this did not cause any emotions, I thought in the administration just made a mistake and gave him the key to the busy number. But the next day I was told that Ayres and the receptionist called the room and no one was there – I shuddered. Totally agree with Jeff in his room was a kid, that’s for sure. I would not want to reiterate in this place.”

Timmy becomes erect slander – he obviously understands something about the ghosts (after all, somewhere in the garage he is portrait, in which Duncan is aging). You have to be an evil spirit, to really scare to Tim Duncan.

Skirvin Hilton Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The frightened victim . Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries, Shawn Marion, Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, James Johnson, Jordan Hamilton, Brandon Bass, Bill Simmons, Craig Sager

The degree of fright . “1408”

The hotel in which guests stay “Golden state”, not one scared of his clients are ghosts. For many years visitors “Skirvin Hilton” in Oklahoma city complain about the ghosts of the hotel. Do not stand aside and representatives of the NBA who still continue to book rooms in one of the most prestigious (and oldest) hotel Oklahoma, despite the scare.

The legend goes that the first owner William Skirvin was having an affair with the maid, the results of which she became pregnant. Skirvin decided to hide it away and locked the poor girl on the top floor of the hotel. He continued to hold her there even after the birth of the child; in the end the maid broke down and threw herself from the window together with the child, and since then the hotel male guests are frightened by the Ghost of this girl. Some say that I hear a female voice, others see a Ghost in the bathroom, and one person said that some kind of undead he was raped in the hotel and tried to sue the hotel.

The NBA players with the ghosts of sex not had. It seems to be. But timid players, however, are often faced with the evil spirit in “Skirvin Hilton”.

First experience traveling and needles experienced players Knicks in 2010. They had to stay in the Ghost hotel for two nights, and spent many of them without sleep. The ghosts, according to the players, become the main reason of unsuccessful game “new York” vs. “Oklahoma” at that time.

Most scared Eddie Curry, who was not the first encounter with ghosts. Most of the time Eddie spent in his room, in the room of teammate Nate Robinson – because in the NBA if anyone can resist the undead, it was only Nate.

Discomfort in the same hotel and experienced players, “bulls”. “At some point the door to my bathroom shut itself and it cannot be opened. Don’t know what it was.” said a startled Taj Gibson. His teammate derrick rose decided not to risk it and sat down to James Johnson, the expert of martial arts – just in case. They both heard strange sounds coming from the hallway.

Many other players of different teams also felt the presence of supernatural forces in “Skirvin”. Even bill Simmons, a well-known sceptic, came to believe in ghosts after a night at this hotel.

Craig Sager decided to investigate and also moved into the infamous hotel. In the extravagant video presenter showed the worst thing is that “Skirvin Hilton” saw during its more than centenary history – his naked thighs.

It is best to question about the ghosts came Stan van Gundy. Before the next game against “thunder” ex-coach admitted: “in Oklahoma not frighten me of ghosts, and Kevin Durant” .

Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The frightened victim . Patrick Ewing

The degree of fright . “Haunted castle”

Stan van Gundy likes to peek out from under his turtleneck and evaluate their critical gaze of Ghost stories. He spoke on the radio a story about how Patrick Ewing was assistant to van Gundy in Orlando met a Ghost in the hotel in Milwaukee.

“Patrick was scared to death. He said he saw ghosts and so on. Every time we went to Milwaukee, had from it to hear it. Once we changed the hotel, but it was very uncomfortable, and we came back. In the end, all were happy except Peta.

– That is, only because the other hotel was bad, you were miserable Ewing subjected to such torture?

– Well, he wasn’t bad, just “Pfister” was better. When Ewing first told about ghosts in the hotel, I was then very tempted at night to go out to the corridor and to publish there funny noises in front of the door Patrick. Imagine a mustachioed Ghost wrapped in a sheet! And the next day there would be headlines: “Scared Patrick Ewing beat Stan van Gundy dressed as a Ghost”.

The hotel “Pfister” is even older than the previous two: it opened in the nineteenth century. But generally the Ghost of the first owner of the hotel, Charles Pfister scares baseball players. in fact, Charles died in 1927, and hardly knew then what basketball. However, whether the spirit of the Pfister have followed the career of Patrick Ewing, or simply liked him a hefty Jamaican, but Pat really was very afraid to stay in the “Hotel Pfister”.

In the past year “Hit” played a playoff series against the “Buck”. Players of “Miami” before, didn’t avoid even the damn hotel in Oklahoma, but this time suddenly changed a habit and did not stop in the “Pfister” where it always was located for many years. Really the reason why ghosts?

No, if you believe the words of the Manager “Hit”. Just in the same days in the hotel, the competitions in ballroom dancing. And the view of the dancers, mutuzyaschie their heels parquet, scares players more than any “ghosts”.

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