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Every year near Kiruna (Sweden), 200 km from the Arctic circle, Ice Hotel is erected. And every year for construction invite different architects and designers, so each new Ice Hotel is different from its predecessors.

Five-star the ark

The international Union of architects presented the project of the hotel, which has become a kind of Noah’s ark.

The main difference of this hotel from other resorts of this level is that it can protect its guests from the disaster of universal scale – earthquakes, tsunamis, severe flooding.

The hotel is called “floating Behemoth”, although in form it rather resembles a shell. The architects themselves call their project Ark, since the hotel should be erected on the same principle as that of Noah’s ark – uniform arrangement of ropes and arches that distribute the weight so that the structure becomes invulnerable to any of the elements.

In the design used solar panels and a rainwater collection system, i.e. “the ark” can exist autonomously. The need for artificial lighting is minimal, since the structure is transparent.

The atmosphere inside is close to the greenhouse and, consequently, in the hotel you can grow any plants. This will improve air quality and will provide guests with food, in the event that they really will one day have to go to forced swim on the ark.

The project was developed in the framework of the program of liquidation of consequences of natural disasters.

From ice and snow

Every year near Kiruna (Sweden), 200 km from the Arctic circle, Ice Hotel is erected. And every year for construction invite different architects and designers, so each new Ice Hotel is different from its predecessors.

Not only is changing the temperature inside is minus 5-10 degrees, so more than one night to spend there is not recommended. Guests can always move to a nearby, warm hotel, which also belongs to the owners of the ice.

Buffet Breakfast at the ice hotel bring cranberry mulled wine – straight to bed. The bed, incidentally, is also icy. The podium, covered with fir branches and reindeer skins. Overnight guests climb into a fur sleeping bags. Toilets and showers are located in specially equipped premises – there is warmer. The hotel has a chapel, a room for Golf, cinema, Museum, ice sculptures, bar “absolute” – all made of ice.

At the same time in the Ice Hotel can sleep 100 people – it is the largest ice hotel in the world (after Sweden ice hotels began to be built in Norway, Romania, Canada). For its construction out of 30 thousand tons of snow and 10 tons of ice. The hotel is open from December to April. And to spend the night in it costs 5000 SEK per night, more than 20 thousand rubles.

Guests of Poseidon

The Poseidon Undersea Resort on the island of Fiji consists of 73 rooms located on the beach and under the water on stilts. Underwater hotel is located at a depth of 15 m, amongst coral of the lagoon. There are 25 rooms-capsules, and luxurious Suite of the Nautilus area of 300 sq. m. the Windows offer a wonderful view of the sea world. Accommodation in the form of removable modules attached to the pipe-corridor. Relax in the underwater hotel is not less than 15 thousand dollars per person.

A dog’s life

Dog Bark Park Inn is the pride of the inhabitants of the town of Cottonwood (Idaho, USA). This amazing hotel is arranged inside a wooden dog – guests climb the stairs to the dog’s head, where there is a loft for a family of four. The authors of – self-taught artist Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin – met 15 years ago, since then do not leave together and cut with a chain saw dogs of various sizes and in different poses.

Dog-hotel is the largest of their hack. The authors worked on it for 18 months. The hotel also has a gallery where you can purchase a copyrighted work of dogs of different sizes. Around Dog Bark Park Inn – fields of cotton, cinnamon, barley, to the nearby monastery of St. Gertrude is one of the oldest monasteries in the United States. Night in the dog hotel is not cheap – 92 dollar.

The Swedes built a nest for tourists

Swedish design Studio Inrednings Gruppen has created a big nest for a big “human birds”. Now it is an integral part of the hotel in the trees (Tree Hotel), located in the North of Sweden.

In the cozy nest it is possible to get special retractable ladder. The walls on the outside is completely covered with twigs, the inside is lined with wooden panels, which cut through the small round Windows. Room is furnished according to the standards of a quality hotel and is designed for a family of four – parents with two children.

The master bedroom is in a separate room with sliding doors. “Bird’s nest” is one of five houses-rooms in an unusual hotel. Each room has its own invented the idea of a forest theme. In the coming years it is planned to build another 25 such numbers.

Cave civilization

Another unusual hotel is situated in the mountainous state of new Mexico (USA). Kokopelli”s Cave is a cave in the rock. Inside the property has all the rules: hot and cold water, shower, kitchen with microwave and even a hot tub carved into the rock. In short, every guest can feel like a “cave man” in a comfortable and civilized conditions.


In the pipe there are wooden beds, a kitchen, pantry, dining room and living room with fantastic views of the glacier Fribouze. The construction of the hotel cost in 250 thousand euros. Individual parts are delivered to the Assembly on the helicopter. The price in hotel is about 30 euros per night. And to book a place via the Internet.

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