Castle hotel Valtionhotelli haunted

The inhabitants of Imatra say it is the Ghost of a girl who committed suicide because of unrequited love. Indeed, cases are known when in Imatra came desperate men and to settle scores with life. This was one of the infamous attractions of the town – the waterfall Imatrankoski.

But there is another version of the Woman in the gray living in the hotel “Valtionhotelli”. According to the stories, one day the wife of a Russian officer came to Imatra. She stayed at the hotel, she was given a room on the fourth floor, because they were cheaper. Dressed woman was in gray. The woman was going through strong spiritual experiences, because behind my husband was in love with a young soldier. Divorce at that time was a terrible disgrace. And then the woman decided not to return to her husband, and decided to commit suicide and jumped into the waterfall..

And the fact that she’s now “haunting” the corridors and rooms of the hotel, explain the fact that her castle was too much, and she stayed there forever.

Not a legend but a real story of a beautiful and majestic castle began over a hundred years ago. This building was the first hotel built of stone. Hotel has opened its doors in November of 1903. By the way. one of the first to know about it from the Newspapers, the inhabitants of St. Petersburg.

Restauraciones building in 2005. The hotel was restored to its former glory and restored the wall paintings.

In the castle preserved historic interior, the Windows offer a wonderful view of the canyon. Valtionhotelli contains 92 rooms, a conference hall for 250 people, several saunas, a swimming pool, numerous offices, two restaurants. The highlight is considered as smokers ‘ lounge, located on the first floor. Its walls are decorated with trophies and weapons, and in the hallway on the wall since 1966 hangs a chain, symbolizing the independence of Finland, to which each year add one ring at a time.

On the second floor is a small meeting room, named in honor of Russian Empress Catherine II, who in Imatra was a frequent guest.

The most popular hotel room № 401. It is located on the fourth floor. Here in 1983 the Royal couple stayed – the king of Sweden Kaarle and his wife, Queen Silvia.

Guests will also entertainment: Golf, Hiking and skiing, cruises on the river Vuoksa, bowling, gym, tennis. The Spa area offers tourists a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, various saunas, and much more.

There are different ways to get to Imatra: own vehicle, public bus, taxi, train and airplane.

The most preferred option for Russians from St. Petersburg by car or bus, as Imatra is located near the border crossing of Svetogorsk. By car from St. Petersburg you need to move along the highway M10 (from city centre 134 km). Next on the exit 127. Go straight for 1.1 km then turn right and continue straight for 25.5 km to the border crossing point Svetogorsk (Imatra). After crossing the border you should turn sharp left, which goes into Rajatie. After 1,3 km turn 3 turn right at Marttilantie and drive straight for 3.7 km. Then gently turn left and continue along Marttilantie After 2 km turn right and continue along Marttilantie. After 4.8 km turn left onto Penttiläntie/Route number 3932. After 650 m you should make a right turn on Suokumaantie/Route 3952. Then keep moving right in 20.1 km Then turn right onto Helsingintie/Route number 397 and after 300 m you are in Imatra.

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