Best Nightclubs of the world

The best Nightclubs of the world

The crisis was raging in the last year and a half and in club life, gradually comes to an end. Around the world began to open up new establishments, which successfully compete with the legends of nightlife. In this connection, the publication of Askmen presented another list of the best clubs in the world for 2010.

1. The Boom Boom Room

New York City

Situated on the last floor of the Standard hotel nightclub in the time of its opening in September last year, won the attending stars luxury views of Manhattan and new Jersey. Not surprisingly, many celebrities have become regulars of the institution. Here you can easily find Penelope Cruz, Madonna or Beyonce. One of the halls of the club boasts a huge triangular pool in which splashing invitingly warm water. Alas, to get to a party here is very easy: you have to be an invitation. However, in a bar Boom Boom Room is the place to look and day. Because cocktails that are served here, as gorgeous as the opening from the window.

2. LIV


Located inside the legendary hotel “Fontainebleau”, this club, with an area of nearly 3000 square meters, is considered the most visited in the world. And not because it’s so huge, people just love to come here often. Mix luxury lounge energetic and Groovy dance floor like many. They say if you haven’t been to LIV, you were not in Miami, poskakushka natural and pure fun can’t be found in any corner of the world.

3. Merah


Opened just a year ago, the club immediately became the hot spot of the city. According to the magazine Vanity Fair, Merah London helped to usher in a new era of clubbing, lifting it to unprecedented heights. Perhaps such thoughts of journalists has pushed the availability of limousine service for booking a table or door, delivered here directly from St Tropez and stood before the legendary club Les Caves du Roy. And the list of famous habitués of the place is impressive. In addition, residents of the club are famed DJ Benjamin Franklyn and very popular in London DJ party DJ Sylvian and Tarek.

4. Playhouse

Los Angeles, CA

It seems that clubs in Los Angeles no less, than cars on the roads, so when opens a new, to declare him can be difficult. However, the Playhouse, this problem is not touched, because the school immediately became super popular with celebrities of all stripes. In the club there are many nooks and secluded places where VIPs can drink, flirt and, in principle, to do whatever you want without fear of catching the eye of the public. I must say, the owners try not to overload staff with work, but because it opened only four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The most interesting events here usually happen on Tuesdays and Fridays.

5. Collage


This club for ten years remains the best in Stockholm. Located on the top floor of a five-star fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city is recommended to visit the city. The club has two independent decks, allowing the visitors can enjoy DJ battles, it is possible to observe how in the same club regardless, there are two different musical moods, which, without interfering, however, ideally complement each other. In summer, guests can also reach the amazing beauty of the garden, which is a considerable share of the glory of the club and where warm evenings going to a lot of Swedish celebrities.

6. Razzmatazz


What would have been Barcelona if it were not for this epic club? Located in the heart of one of the best cities in Europe, this club can offer music for every taste. In five different halls of the institution’s played everything from lounge to rave. It is often played by non-professional star DJ, like Jarvis Cocker. Mega club is considered the hot spot of the city where there is always a spirit of true freedom.

7. Wall


Miami is so famous for its night life, here we have to create something extremely unusual to be seen. The owners of the W hotel and has been invited to cooperate in the creation of a new night club owners the best entertainment venues of the city. Since its opening in July last year, the Wall has reached unprecedented popularity, becoming due to its extremely sexual atmosphere in the new legend local clubbing.

8. Guzel


The nightlife of Athens is really gained in the last few years world famous. And it happened not without the help of Guzel club. This democratic institution to the mass public is famous for the fact that on Fridays the famous hip hop party allowed here exclusively pretty girls, not too cute sieved. The club is drenched in luxury and decadence, so don’t be surprised if you see dancing on the table Greek beauty. In any other place in Greece that would be indecent of, but in General you can not is.

9. Juliet Supper Club

New York City

Open just over a year ago, the school quickly gained popularity among European billionaires, thin top-models and other glamorous-party-public. On its creation worked well-known chef Todd English, and served as prototypes for the hottest clubs of the last decade, Lotus and Greenhouse. Regulars say that the crowd in the hall comparable to the one that was in Pink Elephant three years ago.

10. Rex Club

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