Best hotels Miami beach

On the coast of Miami there is a huge number of hotels that can offer comfortable and cozy stay in their rooms. Hospitality in spite of such excellent service is constantly evolving and there are some hotels which are worth mentioning separately.

Stunning views from the Suite for VIP guests and the rooms athelete Setai South Beach, it provides the highest level of service for accommodation, including luxury SPA center where guests can perform various types of massages — Thai, shiatsu, Malaysian,Himalayan. Runtime procedures are used only natural remedies ancient recipes of Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian peoples.

On the Atlantic coast is a lovely hotel, which is well-known for its superior service, its architectural style also deserves attention, the building was constructed in the mid 20th century but was recently renovated and its interior is decorated with works by contemporary artists. The hotel is located near the prestigious Miami beach, offers a range of rooms, a private lounge with drinks and snacks, a night club, the hotel’s restaurant offers the best dishes of African and Mediterranean cuisine. For younger guests there is a special program with games and entertainment, including water treatments, have the opportunity to visit the SPA. Here great pools and most of bezopasnostyu for the pool, which can not be afraid to fall or get hurt — the quality and service always at the highest level. All self-respecting service sector get only the best quality goods when it comes to swimming pools as it the necessary security.

The Atlantic ocean is another very prestigious and expensive hotel, it can be called the most historic and significant on the coast. The Fontainebleau South Beach has 1504 rooms and its design was made by the famous architect Maurice Lapidus. The hotel has become very famous, since in its territory starred popular Hollywood films — “Bodyguard”, “Police Academy” and others. There is a chic restaurant and nightclub.

The Delano hotel received its name in honor of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his residence was in these places. Its architectural style is original from the lobby, to the rooms individual layout, a unique SPA, located on the roof of the building. Particularly noteworthy is the pool with waterfall and underwater sound system. His impeccable style and service involves not only mere guests here often famous people.

Close to Miami international airport is a new hotel W South Beach close to Lincoln road, considered the main tourist street full of different restaurants and shops.

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