Best hotels in the world

And again the best hotels in the world: ancient, spacious, and exclusive ice

Well, continue to talk about the best hotels in the world. Are more subject comprehensive and interesting, it will periodically return. For now we will stop only on the four unique copies. All these hotels-the Champions are located in different parts of the world and ready to give you an unforgettable experience. Feel free to choose and meet personally with the world’s finest hotels. Memories will definitely last a long time .

But enough talk, it’s time to head out on your next virtual trip.

The hotel has the largest rooms

The largest hotel in the world by number of rooms (integer 8108) is located in the city of Las Vegas. This Is The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino. The name itself hints at the fact that in addition to working here with restaurants, swimming pools, fashion shops, you will see the casino. This unique hotel more than a hundred card tables and nearly a thousand slot machines.

Also if you stay in Las Vegas at the Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino, you can visit the on-site car interior, and even to buy a Lamborghini and Koenigsegg. This hotel is famous for its shows, the most traditional of which is the Broadway show Jersey Boys.

The oldest hotel

The oldest hotel in the world is located in Japan, in the city of Komatsu. Hoshi Ryokan is one of the many attractions of Japanese has a very rich history. More than a thousand years! Forty-odd generations, this hotel is run by the same Japanese family.

No Ryokan was opened in the distant year 718. The legend says that the ancestor of this family was the mountain spirit and pointed out the place where the underground source of hot water. With him and had founded the hotel. He experienced the periods of rise and decline of the samurai, Japanese ninja, many emperors of the Rising Sun and both world wars.

Today any tourist can stay here in one hundred rooms. One of the distinct advantages No Ryokan − large baths, where straight from the underground source of hot water. A night in the oldest hotel in the world you will pay from $ 580.

The coldest hotel

Those on the right is a real ice hotel Ice Hotel in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi. Two rooms built of ice and snow, are relatively inexpensive − from 195 units of local currency per day. In these unique hotel rooms all the items of ice, even the beds. The temperature here is -4 to -8 degrees C. And, despite the fact that inside the rooms and the beds spread out a reindeer skin, guests are recommended to spend the night in warm sleeping bags, which in advance prudently give employees.

In Ice Hotel there is a sauna, restaurants and an ice chapel in which interested persons can register their marriage or to perform the sacrament of baptism. Available in restaurants Icebar offers cocktails in beakers and glasses made of ice. The coldest hotel in the world will gladly offer their guests excursions on snowmobiles, skis, sleds and, of course, reindeer.

As you know, spring snow and ice melt, so the hotel accepts guests over five months of frost. Then he literally rebuilt again, so the Ice Hotel looks different every time. But cranberry hot tea in the morning has not been canceled, submit it here good tradition.

Since the rooms in the Ice Hotel devoid of doors, you will have your Luggage left in the Luggage storage. Generally, upon arrival a full briefing and tour, which tell the history of this quaint hotel. Just want to say that no matter how thoughtful and cool all may seem, remember that it is cold and ice that can negatively affect health. Even in the cryosauna to stay for a long time, has its standards. Here and in the coldest hotel in the world it is advisable to stop for a day or two, not more.

The original hotel

Beautiful Czech Republic, and more specifically, its capital city, gave the world the most luxurious hotel − Aria. This beautiful Prague hotel won travelers enjoy the special romantic atmosphere, reminiscent of the famous Prague quarter Mala Strana.

Very original was the idea creators of the hotel, which paid special attention to the musical arrangement. Guests can choose the background music that plays during their stay here. In addition, each floor is of special sounds and looks. To give the necessary atmosphere in the interior of the Aria were invited Italian designers with a world name − Lorenzo Rocco Carmelini and Manali. All rooms are equipped with CD/DVD players, music and DVD library, as well as PC with Internet access and iPod.

I think you have seen that these hotels are not in vain called the best in the world. Want to look at them, and maybe to spend the night? Then pick up a bargain on the Internet. Just enter the necessary data in fields of the search form and click “Search”.

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