An unusual hotel

Mobile hotel in Denmark

In Denmark opened the first mobile hotel Scandic. The idea of the owners is that the hotel can be moved anywhere in the country at the request of the guests who pay for accommodation. The first night the hotel was sold at auction for 937 euros.

The hotel opening was held in the zoo of Copenhagen, and the funds received at auction, were donated to the charity, supporting rhinos in South Africa.In the future, the hotel will be transferred to the island of Bornholm, where it will run until July 21 and then “leave” on the Jutland Peninsula.

The minimum cost of accommodation is 262 euros a day, however for that amount to mobile hotel Scandic to Go, can deliver anywhere.

The hotel is a volcano in Chile

If you ever plan a trip to Chile, you should visit the hotel “the Magic mountain”, which opened in 800 km from Santiago in the reserve “Wilo-Wilo”. The architects that nothing should disturb the natural peace and tranquility at the foot of the Andes, that is why this eco-hotel was created from wood and black stone in the form of an anthill – or rather, type a small volcano, from the crater of which flow streams of water. Water nourishes the ivy, which covered the hotel, this supports the legend about the magical properties of this hill.

In Telasero 13 rooms and named no names local Chilean birds, from the hotel Windows you can admire the volcano Arenales, in addition here is unique: you can take a dip in the natural baths created from the bark of tropical trees. In these basins the water is heated using natural sunlight.

The interior of the hotel is very simple – rusticated walls and furniture, rooms resemble caves, but from the huge Windows you can admire the forest. Such intimacy, as here, almost impossible to find – there are no communication with the outside world through TV. However, Internet access is provided for the afflicted.

In the reserve there is plenty of entertainment for everyone: rafting, bathing in hot springs, horseback riding and fishing. However, without all of this a few days in the hotel “the Magic mountain” – is a unique relaxing, energizing the peace for six months ahead.

Hotel-beetle in new York

Extraordinary hotel in the form of alien creatures opened in the most popular city in the USA. Its appearance the building resembles a giant beetle on his outstretched paws. Creating the hotel, designers from Germany were supposed to solve several tasks: to design a modern building with all amenities and place it in the heart of new York city, taking a minimum of urban space. The result was an amazing “space bug” eyes are Windows, but no visible doors to enter the building through a neighboring house, in which, also, are all the necessary communications. To see the escalator, hosted in the “legs” of the beetle, only the most observant passers-by.

On the cost of accommodation in the hotel have not been announced yet, but it is already written about him in many media in new York, which means the owners of the building precisely will not rebound from customers.

Fabulous hotel in Belgium

The Belgian town of Durbuy is familiar to most eco-tourists and lovers of secluded relaxation. It was here opened a fabulous hotel La Balade des Gnômes, where guests can choose from ten rooms to plunge into the world of legends and myths. In special delight from accommodation in the hotel come the children: there is the “forest hut”, and “cave trolls”, and “space room”. If you wish, you can stay in a separate room, which is a Trojan horse, a size in three floors!

The magic numbers does not negate the very real and modern facilities, in the form of electricity and hot water. The cost of living in La Balade des Gnômes also can not be called space – it is 115 euros per night.

A quiet town in which it is situated, also contributes to complete immersion into the story. Come here for unity with nature, to ride in horse-drawn carriages from one historic building to another. Here you can look at a medieval Church or the jam factory, sit in the mini train or walk down to the ancient cave.

House-designer in the Netherlands

Inntel Hotel was opened in the Dutch town of Zaandam recently. Its unusual design is that the building consists of 70 houses and each “house” has one or more numbers. The owner of Inntel Hotel so wanted to bring temporary housing to permanent, arguing that live in their own house tourists will be much more comfortable. As a result, the brainchild of Dutchman Wilfried van Winden in some degree is a doll, collected from the constructor.

Despite the fact that the building looks more like a toy and seems so fragile that was about to collapse from the wind, tourists book rooms at the Inntel Hotel in advance, otherwise seats may not be.

Engineers and builders who have realized the owner had to resort to a little trick: actually the house has a one-piece box and its appearance as a decoration.

The ice hotel in Sweden

In 1989 in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi has opened the first, which became famous all over the world, the hotel of ice. The emergence of this art project was motivated not by the creative nature of the creators, but a simple necessity. The fact is that in Jukkasjarvi people from across Sweden went to study the manufacture of ice sculptures – what else to do in town, which is just 200 km from the Arctic circle? Courses of pieces of ice become so popular that hotels were not enough places, and the organizers were forced to build ice houses, equipping them with all the necessities. They taught guests safety issue warm sleeping bags. After spending the night in the ice people could relax in the warm sauna, so as not to catch a cold. As a result, in Jukkasjarvi ICEHOTEL was created, the rooms in which tourists from around the world booked for the year!

By the way, the hotel is made every year, again, due to weather conditions, not because the owners love to renovate the interior. The fact is that with the arrival of spring ICEHOTEL melts and every winter ice Affairs of masters have to re-create it! Cutting building material from the Torne river, workers for a month restore unique houses for temporary residence of tourists from all over the world. In addition to the hotel and be sure to create a bar of ice to drink it in the national drink schnapps and a variety of warming cocktails.

Fantasy owners and architects at depends on weather conditions, ice will endure any change in size, shape and even colors. This is why the new ICEHOTEL you may not build in the image and likeness of melted brother. Much more interesting to come up with every new work of art fit for.

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