A new collection of the most unusual hotels in the world


There are many interesting and unique hotels, designers and owners strive to do everything possible to attract and amaze guests . Among the most unusual hotels are themed hotels designed, for example, in the style of the prison or the ice city for those looking for a real extreme.

I would like to talk about several amazing hotels from around the world which open their doors to all who wish to visit unusual places.

Most unusual hotels

The Faktum hotel – feel like a bum

In Sweden, for to feel homeless, you have to pay money. However, only if you are a guest at an unusual hotel Factum . located in Gothenburg. This hotel has no rooms, but instead you are offered a place somewhere under the open sky . you are sure to really feel like a bum.

The cost of the “rooms” in the hotel Faktum costs $ 10 per night . The guest can choose his favourite location: under a bridge, in an abandoned factory, on a Park bench or under the seats of a football stadium.

The Faktum Hotel . oddly enough, a success.Its services are used by creative people – artists and musicians . happy inspiration, living under the open sky.

Why pay for something you can get for free at any time? Really aimed at Factum is not getting profit. All funds raised go to Fund assistance to the homeless . where in Gothenburg more than 3 thousand.

The world’s first Twitter hotel

The Sol Wave House in Majorca has been named the world’s first Twitter hotel . All the rooms at this hotel decorated in the style of the Twitter design to match the style of the world famous social network. Customers can register, find out about events, order room service, using relevant hashtags on the network.

The hotel held a party devoted to Twitter, and drinks are served in the style of Twitter, for example, blue Mojito .

When a guest arrives in the hotel, they get access to exclusive Twitter app . available online only at the hotel. Thus guests have the opportunity to communicate with each other, send private messages, see who is online, and even flirt by sending virtual kisses . using the tag #SocialWave.

The hotel has large suites for 4 people . Everyone who stays in these rooms, gets a 20% discount on bars, bars and restaurants.

Ordering of all services, also via Twitter: you can order to refill mini-bar, order food and drinks at the pool bar and so on. Every Friday themed parties where the guest can get a free drink.

The hotel for astronomers

The Elqui Domos hotel was built in the valley of Elqui in Chile, specially for those who likes to observe the night sky and interested in astronomy. It opened its doors to guests in 2005.

The hotel has several wooden cabins with glass ceilings through which guests can observe the stars and planets, lying in bed, as well as a giant semi-circular tents with opening Windows.

The hotel’s location in a remote area of Chile is no coincidence, because far from the big cities there is no light pollution . which could prevent the observation of the sky at night.

In the past as a prison, today a hotel of the highest class

Het Arresthuis hotel in the Dutch city of Roermond is located in the prison building of the 19th century. Its creators have reworked the old building into modern and had opened a high-class hotel, being able to maintain, if not spirit, then at least the history of the building.

Into the breach here was located 150 cameras for criminals . today turned into 45 luxury rooms for the wealthy. In addition to standard rooms, the hotel offers several suites with original names: “Judge”, “Warden”, “Lawyer”, and others.

The bar and restaurant at the hotel, according to the staff, you will be able to order something more than prison food . The hotel also has a fitness centre and a sauna.

Capsule hotel

The close hotel in China: not for those who suffer from claustrophobia

The hotel is in the Chinese province of Hainan offers rooms for $ 10 a day . and? “” they are difficult to call: it’s not even a room, and close the capsule, which, however, fit everything you need for recreation facilities.

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