10 atmospheric hotels in Moscow

To distract from everyday problems and relax, not necessarily to go to distant lands and spend a lot of money.

Most people of associated with distant journeys, new experiences, adventures, discoveries. Try to book a hotel in your hometown: you will be able to relax and unwind without spending time and money on long road. In the evening you will always find cosy, clean tidy room, in the morning don’t have to think about Breakfast – it’s been taken care by the chef.

We picked the top ten with an unusual atmosphere, the night they become a journey not only in space but also in time. And for guests of these hotels will be a life-saving shelter from the stress and noise of the big city.

The Hotel “Chenonceau”

Want to spend a weekend in the French province? The name of the hotel reminiscent of charming Chateau near Paris. Such a house could be somewhere in Bordeaux or champagne, but it is very close – at Patriarch’s ponds. A small, elegant mansion in a quiet corner in the heart of the Russian capital hides cozy rooms decorated in the classical Baroque style of the XVIII century.

The Hotel “Chenonceau “. Double room with Breakfast – from 8549 rubles.

The Hotel”Chenonceau”

The Hotel “Kuznetskiy Inn”

Beautiful and even a little pompous hotel in a historic building in the centre of Moscow will be glad to host and non-resident guests, and residents of the capital who want a little break from everyday life. His number – one more memory about French “Golden age” of refined luxury palaces of Louis XIV.

The Kuznetskiy Inn. Double room with Breakfast – from 6269 rubles.

The Kuznetskiy Inn

Boutique hotel De Paris

Despite the name, the interiors of this hotel invites you not in a noisy and dusty Paris and in a quiet rural Provence. Your country escape starts as soon as you cross the threshold of the house on Bolshaya Bronnaya soothing colors, cute Wallpaper with floral motifs – all this relaxes and makes for a special holiday mood. Complement the impression of a meal in the excellent restaurant De Paris, serves French cuisine and Russian cuisine.

The Hotel De Paris. Double room with Breakfast – from 11969 rubles.

The Hotel De Paris

Hotel “Metropol”

This legendary hotel on the Theatre square should come on a tour: carefully consider the amazing panels on the facade, the interior hall, the historic interior of the restaurant. But it is better to book a room and have a little to live among antique walnut furniture and various antique knick-knacks, to feel a sense of ownership to the most famous people on the planet who have stayed in these walls over the past century.

The Hotel “Metropol “. Double room with Breakfast – from 15693 rubles.

The Hotel “Metropol”

Historical hotel Sovietsky

“Hey, cabman, go to the “Yar”!” – I should say, jumping in a taxi. An experienced driver knows where to take you – to the hotel “Soviet” on the Leningrad prospectus. There is a famous restaurant. In the main hall restored the old furniture, restored frescoes on the ceiling and walls. But before you splash out like the rich beginning of the last century, is to book a hotel room in the same building. Going “in the room”, from the “silver age” you will be transported rapidly for the next few decades: you have to spend the night in the middle of a sober and elegant interiors of the Stalinist Empire.

Historical hotel Sovietsky. Double room with Breakfast – from 5471 rubles.

The Hotel “Soviet”

The design hotel “Sukharevsky”

Under the roof of a historic mansion of the XVIII century, located near the Large Sukharevskaya square, there are fifty rooms with unique interiors and designer furniture from rare wood. Timeless classics combined with modern details in the interior the discern the rounded lines of Baroque, intricate shapes of art Deco, designed and adjusted by computers modern details. In these areas I feel confident and comfortable, and really relax and body and soul.

Hotel Sukharevsky. Double room with Breakfast – from 4655 rubles.

Hotel Sukharevsky

Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka

I can’t believe somewhere near the noisy city center, the subway rattling, bustling people – all this remains as if in another world, one only has to cross the threshold of this hotel. All rooms have a category “Suite” and decorated in different styles with bright, eye-catching elements of art Nouveau and ultra-modern design. To leave the cozy rooms not desirable, except briefly to visit the Spa or swim in the pool.

The Hotel “Pokrovka”

“Triumph Palace Boutique Hotel”

Choose where you want to go: Amsterdam or Madrid, in Monte Carlo or Rome, London or Geneva? Each of the rooms at this hotel are decorated in an individual style and dedicated to one of European cities. Moscow skyscraper “Triumph Palace” near the metro station “Airport” – the tallest residential building in Europe, because staying in a hotel, located on its three floors, you literally soar over the city. The noise, bustle, traffic jams will remain far below, and through the huge panoramic Windows you will enjoy spectacular views of downtown, Leningradsky Avenue and the surrounding parks and gardens.

“Triumph Palace Boutique Hotel “. Double room with Breakfast – from 9499 rubles.

Hotel “Triumph Palace”

Boutique hotel The Rooms

You probably haven’t heard of this quaint Nikoloyamskaya street, because he appeared in the capital recently. Guests really like his calm calming interiors in modern style, marble bathrooms and the main surprise – brand round beds.

The Hotel The Rooms. Double room with Breakfast – from 7509 rubles.

The Hotel The Rooms

Book the best hotels in Moscow and other cities of Russia and the world. Make the right choice will help ratings and reviews of other guests.

The Hotel “Godunov”

Not far from Trubnaya square in one of the sleepy old streets, you can spend the night in comfortable and affordable hotel. Its accommodation will appeal to people who prefer a quiet interior, not burdened with many details, not spoiled overly spirited imagination of designers. In the rooms there is nothing superfluous, only the necessary for good rest and pleasant sleep.

The Hotel “Godunov “. Double room with Breakfast – from 5500 rubles.

The Hotel “Godunov”

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